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In Times of COVID Emergencies, Top Chefs Exchange Kitchen Tips

The first and last thing to do is to wash hands properly, with water and soap, before you reach the kitchen.
Today, food and kitchen tips are more important than ever. The equilibrium between work and life has gone for a leap in the absence of domestic assistance. To those who have no previous experience, working in the kitchen will be very difficult. Including ingredients that are strange to the perplexing question of preserving the best cooking practices (if one does not know their nature), the questions are endless. Moreover, almost everyone seems to be waiting for those “shortcuts” which could offer some harmony and free time nowadays a luxury.
Spend in intelligent kitchen equipment: Chef Kunal Kapoor, the host of the TV show, author and chief judge, said “Investing in a good oven to set the timer and forget about the food, while the food is cooked by itself. It’s a saver of real-time. Although it can sound crazy, it can help speed up kitchens by investing in a great knife.

Life has become much simpler and she has drastically reduced hours of work in the kitchen by taking home a manual Multi-Chopper, says software engineer Shweta Choudhary, who is working from home and running the kitchen without her full-time maid. It doesn’t just cut vegetable loads quickly but is also very easy to operate and is amazingly cheap. Similar improvements can be found on the websites of e-commerce.

Planning of the meals: This is no advice but from the guy who revolutionized and developed the Indian culinary scenario! Chef Sanjeev Kapoor said that by simply planning the meals ahead you can reduce the time spent in the kitchen by 50 percent. “First plan food and shop on the basis of it. Not only will it save money, it will also eliminate wasted food. In reality, every week every participant should participate in a fun family exercise. This strategy requires certain changes and decisions to be carried out in free time in advance.

Hygiene of the kitchen: During times of coronavirus, kitchen cleaning should be treated very seriously. Before no verified research is carried out, it is imperative that every object that has been purchased inside the Kitchen is cleaned and disinfected thoroughly. Chef Sanjeev Kapoor who is also the fruit and vegetable cleaner brand ambassador ITC Nimwash says that the right cleaning of fruit and vegetable products is a must at this time. Until stored in the refrigerator, it is necessary to clean them vigorously with a natural cleaner in running water and to dry with clean towels.

The apron should be removed and cleaned with a strong detergent in warm water immediately.

You should split the cutting boards for vegetables and meat and after each use clean and disinfect them. And eventually, the first and last thing to do is to wash hands properly, with water and soap, before you reach the kitchen.