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How to Use Your Summer Wardrobe during winters

Did you ever think of this?! Instead of replacing the whole wardrobe during the cold season, why don’t you just add up your winter special clothes in already existing closet? I really mean it. Here are some amazing styling tricks you can apply on your forever summer staples to make them winter ready. By doing this, you are not only enhancing your options but can also make up into the list of sassy fashion experts. Being a true fashion lover, it’s your duty to be creative and playful with your clothes. Let’s sneak in & flare your winter dressing like never before –

That Little Black Dress 

What you think you can do with your fave LBD??? I have got some great styling hacks. Wear it beneath warm sweater and thigh high boots to create the best party look. Secondly, you can also pair it with long woollen coat to protect yourself from the chill while being your forever best. Make your look count, gorgeous!

Forever Maxi Dress

Maxi dresses are love for modern women and they are simply unbeatable when it comes to sass and comfort. The long floor length dresses are generally made up of georgette or other lightweight fabric making them perfect choice for summers. But if you layer these staples with warm jackets and leather boots, they can accompany you in cold season too.

White Shirts

White shirt is something which is supposed to be in the closet for all time. Be it summer or winter season, the crisp white shirt can always be your go-to option at any point of time. Wear this formal staple with fine sweater or blazer to beat the cold and make heads turn around.

Tank Tops

How can one wear tank top in winter season??? A fashion expert can. Wear your warm knitted winter dress and add a sassy tank top over it to call it vogue and classic. That’s how you make use of summer clothes during harsh winters.

Summer Scarves

In summers, scarves are supposed to cover the face to get rid of dust and suntan. But they are equally useful in winter season. Wrap a lovely scarf around your neck and tie a side-knot to feel the cold weather and enhance your overall dressing like a pro.