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Goa set to reopen for domestic travellers

Goa set to reopen for domestic travellers: Manohar Ajgaonkar

Goa, one of the most popular tourism destinations in the country. has been shut down for travellers because of the national coronavirus lock-down placed in March.

Manohar Ajgaonkar, Goa Minister of Tourism declared on Wednesday that the coastal state will open for tourism starting from 2 July, with 250 hotels allowed to resume operations.

The state has been closed in the context of the government of India’s country-wide lock-down to avoid COVID-19 spreading. The lock-up era and the pandemic, are particularly damaging to the hospitality and travel sectors. And, beside the mining and pharmaceutical industries, Goa ‘s economy is very dependent on tourism.

The State Tourism Minister said “we ‘re economically in a bad shape,” according to a report by the Indian Express.

As a report by The Times of India,250 hotels that are allowed to operate in accordance with the standard operating procedures ( SOPs) set up by the state government have been permitted by the tourism department.

“We have agreed that domestic passengers will enter Goa on 2 July if they meet certain conditions,” said the Minister.

He said that visitors are needed to pre-book their stay in hotels that have been approved by the tourism department.

Hotels and hostels that have not registered for the reopening business department are not permitted to entertain guests or give their reservations online, Mr. Ajgaonkar said.

In addition, visitors must either carry COVID-19 negative certificates to enter the State, or they must be checked on the border and quarantined in a state-run facility before the results are received, he said. If a COVID-19 was not tested 48 hours in advance, guests would pay Rs 2,000 and seek a state-level check.

“People who test positive will be offered the option of returning or staying in the Goa for treatment in their respective states,” added the Minister.

An isolation facility will be accessible for hotels permitted to operate, where guests can wait until they obtain test results COVID-19, the report added.

So far Goa has reported over 1.385 cases of COVID-19. Five people in the State have died beacuse of the deadly virus.

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