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Work from home in lockdown

Do you work from home? Some tips for you to keep the buckets closed in Lockdown

Since the virus seizes the world, it is essential to look after your health, as good health and immunity are a great asset in these times. You will transition to a healthier lifestyle with a few quick changes in your eating habits.

For several months, Coronavirus has pushed all of us into the limits of our homes and no end in sight seems to be expected. Although some have had a long lockdown period, other people have been locked up for several six hours before the computer, answering telephone calls, attending the Zoom meetings while they still work from home. Several phases of the lockdown were seen, when someone sought their inner chefs, the permanent social network posts about Dalgona coffee, or people who took part in a new hobby, be it art or exercise. Although nothing lasted too long, most people whined their days away while inhaling packets of Maggi.

Once the lockdown started, many of us felt we would have to change our sleep patterns with all this extra time at hand, spend time in wellness, exercise and eventually look after our bodies. But unfortunately, it wasn’t. And a quick check of your friends’ phone calls will let you aware that they, like yourself, are even less secure than when the first lock-down got declared.

Work at home is very exhausting because of the entirely undefined distinctions between work and home. We juggle constantly between workplace and homework completion. Call completion while the floor is sweeping? Bet we did it all. Most people are caught in an endless limbo of work, spending extra time, missing meals and training without noticeable space for leaving work. Health and wellness, sadly, took a back seat.

Since the virus seizes the world, it is essential to look after your health, as good health and immunity are a great asset in these times. You will transition to a healthier lifestyle with a few quick changes in your eating habits.

Standard meals

The bodies work best with discipline, like most other things. The body adapts accordingly if you have daily meal times and you know that food is only needed at these times. It will discourage unhealthy foods from snacking early. In addition to the right food, create a schedule for healthy snacks. Most specifically, identify a clear location for meals and stop all other habits, such as working constantly or watching television, while dining. You will therefore enjoy your meals and leave the table satiated enough.


The body requires about 3 liters of water a day, depending on your height, weight and the environment in which it is situated. It will directly affect your productivity when you are dehydrated because the lack of water in the body induces headaches and exhaustion. Drink drinking while you are working, it does not only help you remain clean while you are working, it also helps to eliminate any contaminants from the body. A glass of cold water will also allow you to cool down with a complete swing of summer. Avoid sugar drinks because they add empty calories and have no nutritional value to your daily intake, nor fill you with it.

Concentrate on preparing meals

You should take the time to pick the ingredients and to prepare something nutritious instead of just tossing the thing you find in a microwave for your dinner. Even cutting fruit into a fruit salad can help relieve the workday stress and deliver a good meal. Food preparation is also important because it allows you to have complete control over your body. It will help you plan your time for the job easier if you schedule your meals on time.

Actual Food not Junk Food

Lightweight, natural, and nutritious foods can help your health and your productivity. As they say, “You can’t overrun a poor diet,” make healthy choices and avoid instant, body-free eating. You need protein, fiber, healthy fats and vitamins to focus on your bodies. These foods can also increase your pandemic immunity. In the summer months, you can find a number of foods with tremendous nutritional advantages.

Monitor the consumption of caffeine

Tea and coffee are like air for an employee. In offices, you all tap your keys vigorously as you sip cups after cups of delicious coffee drinks. However, too much coffee will trigger fear and raise your heart rate. Headache and stomach disorders are also considered to cause. Tea, in particular chai, often has quite an effect on the digestive system, and after too much, people are still constipated. As easy as it might sound like drinking a cup and starting a slow day jumping, coffee is not good for your health. Evitating ventilated caffeine beverages, substitute it for fresh or green tea.