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Below is everything you could eat before, after and during a workout session

Fitness lovers are still looking for better, longer and more demanding exercise. But often, after a gym session, one can become stressed out because of the absence of good nutrition prior to the workout. Food is the source of fuel to our bodies and it is important to function correctly and to optimize our effort. Eating before, during and after the workout will also improve outcomes and help increase efficiency in order to achieve the desired fitness objective.

Before the workout

The Bhavaya Chawla fitness expert and Designed Natural ‘s founder says that nutrition should be planned based on the training schedule. “people should consume a healthy meal for dinner that includes protein and carbohydrate that serves as stored energy in the body, otherwise they will feel lethargic in the morning.” He also recommends a cup of black coffee for a time of 40 minutes prior to the training will help to generate extra energy for athletes who want to perform early morning workouts.

“The nutritionist Kavita Devgan advises that you have 1-3 hours before you begin your training snack with a high level of carbohydrate. Types include fat bars for granola, fig bars, butter for peanuts, jelly sandwich and bananas.

This is because they help fuel muscles and lower inflammation after the workout and reduce some of the physiological pressure from work out according to Devgan to eat carbohydrates before exercise.

Until the body fuel up during the exercise routine, another important thing is the type of activity and the level of strength. Chawla says, “The duration of the exercise depends also on food and meals. If the severity is high, good food preparations (proteins and carbohydrates) are recommended before 2 hours. The same is true for high intensity running, long-haul or cycling. “He adds:” Stop the use of fat before a workout because digesting takes a lot of time.

During the workout

Although others offer priority to foods before and after exercise, Devgan stresses the importance of keeping the body hydrated during exercise. Once you start the workout session, the temperature in the body rises and cools down as you begin to sweat, which can lead to dehydration if you don’t get enough water from the body. Therefore, after every 15 minutes of your practice, it is recommended to take a water break. Yet do not drink more than 500 ml during your workout because it can make you feel nauseous and headache.

After the workout

It is as important to feed your body after training as before. This is mostly due to the strength that must be recovered during the workout. “It is also advisable to fill yourself with electrolytes that are lost during workouts after the exercise, Chawla says.” Water from coconut is a healthy source. Feed the body after exercise with high protein and low carbohydrates.

Do ensure that good food decision are made because you do not want to spend your time and resources eating fatty foods and a huge amount of food during the session. Devgan suggests: ‘A mixture of low-fat dairy products, such as milk, Greek yogurt, and a fruit or berries, is a good mix. A fantastic meal for healing and plenty of protein. Certain foods include hard-boiled eggs and whole rolls of the wheat egg (yolk). Egg filling with sweet potatoes could also be substituted. And you can go for fruit chocolate milk.

Specific tips to consider:

• Avoid sweets and fruit juice from being taken before exercise, as high-sucre foods can lead to a decrease in blood sugar levels when you are exercising that can fatigue you. Instead, go for whole fruit.

• Keep a fiber intake check. Resist beans or fibrous vegetables which will later activate the digestive system.

• Key is hydration. Drink 30 to 60 minutes before the exercise starts at least half a liter of water.

• Allow your body a total of 30 minutes to refresh before eating after you finish the workout.

• Yolk egg is recommended for eating because the muscle building reaction of whole eggs is greater than egg whites alone.

• Milk is also an excellent choice in muscle reconstruction after exercise. “That’s 90 % water too, so replacing some of the fluid you lose in exercise and adding fruit with micronutrients, carbon, and fiber,” Devgan says.